Sia Taylor has become an expert in noticing. On daily walks in the Somerset land she will collect occurrences. A seed buffeted by a breeze, the lilts and peaks of birdsong, the glinting progression of a solitary beetle, all have the possibility to animate an idea. These impressions are noted down either in the form of drawings or words.

Gold seemed the best material to convey these natural poetics. It is a celestial metal. Exploded out by colliding stars it buried itself in the earth. It carries a mythology of endless age, of astral travel. On gold, we layer associations: refining it in our minds to something enduringly precious. By creating with this metal, Sia sets in motion a new chain of inheritance. These delicate pieces are made to last, to be passed from hand to hand, to build connection.

This love of the metal itself is visible in Sia's elegant designs. Rather than using it as a supporting act for a gemstone or diamond, the gold itself is the main attraction. Its versatility of colour is celebrated. Some designs foreground one colour in particular, others may combine them‑ a sweeping arpeggio of hot to cool tones. A cluster of platinum may lie in a nest of warm ochres, the contrast enhancing the charm and individuality of each gold. This layering of tone is used rhythmically, to punctuate, compliment, and enhance.

The process of creating these pieces is collaborative. Sia works with a small team of makers, developing designs organically through cross‑pollinating individual ideas. The makers use traditional techniques, cutting, filing, and soldering each delicate element by hand. 'It's like drawing with gold,' Sia explains, 'I love this simple connection between mind and body.' Being hand crafted, each piece is entirely individual; passed from nature to mind to eye to hand, the whole process is filled with golden warmth.

Items by Sia Taylor

Rainbow Hummingbird Bracelet

Sia Taylor


Rainbow Hummingbird Necklace

Sia Taylor


Songbird Necklace

Sia Taylor