Sia Taylor's light-filled studio is in Somerset. Large windows look out over fields, and there are multiple skylights. It feels like being outside but with shelter: wildlife, weather, and seasons are ever present.

Nature is at the centre of Sia's work and, one feels, her being. Rather than literal representations, she is interested in conveying nature's movement and properties: instead of a raindrop itself, it is how it falls and catches the light she wants to capture. The subtleties both of these events and Sia's work mean one often needs the name of a piece to make the connection, however, as soon as one hears it, it makes perfect sense.

(Right: Rainfall Earrings)

Sia works with a small team of artisan jewellers. All her jewellery is made from multiple parts, and each one is crafted by hand using traditional techniques. Leaves are cut and shaped, and tiny beads are hand formed and pricisely drilled. For the Dots collection, each dot is melted and hammered, the stalk is then threaded through delicate gold chain and melted to form a sphere that naturally holds it in place. The same care goes into every element of each piece.

It is very difficult to know where gold has come from and mining, as opposed to panning, can have devastating effects on communities and the environment. Sia's rainbow pallette of golds is made entirely from recycled metals. Gold can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality. This is done by melting down scrap and refining it, once the gold reaches its purest form it can then be re-alloyed.

Sia's jewellery is understated, glinting quietly. It is both special and wearable every day.

Items by Sia Taylor

Sunset Earrings

Sia Taylor


Flora Necklace

Sia Taylor


Rainbow Tiny Dots Arc Necklace

Sia Taylor